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Fifteen minutes later, Kara walked out of an alleyway near the bar where she had landed for convenience, adjusting her glasses and hair slightly to maggie and hank sex and reduce that 'windswept' look. She gasped as she felt one of Alex's hands drop down to rub gently against her crotch through her jeans. She pulled out the smooth black rubber dildo and accompanying leather harness and stroked the ridged surface gently. But Maggie and Alex didn't notice, they were just too engrossed in one another.

Maggie and hank sex
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Maggie and hank sex
Maggie and hank sex
Maggie and hank sex

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Maggie swirled her tongue around the hard nub, gently sucking before moving her mouth lower. The room was dim, but light flickered gently from a few candles scattered about on shelves. She ripped her shirt off, not caring for the buttons that were lost. She slowly removed the digits, grinning when she heard the agent whimper with need.

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Sweat coated Maggie's arms and chest; she was close maggie and hank sex release herself with each thrust into Alex rubbing sweetly against her clit. She moved back slightly and Alex whispered in her ear this time. Finally she hit maggie and hank sex call button and brought the phone up to her ear, listening to it ring and inwardly questioning if this was a good idea. She looked up as the sound neared the door; it opened and in walked Lena… She was beautiful, wearing tight dark skinny jeans and a sparkling floaty top, paired with a short leather jacket.

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